Introducing your dog to Dog's Best

Welpen gewöhnen sich schneller an die Hundetoilette

Familiarsation with Dog’s Best and the litter tray

The familiarisation with the litter tray can be best trained during puppyhood. Just as your puppy or young dog gets used to ‘doing their business’ outdoors, so they can get used to the litter tray. 

As the rule, puppies soon understand where they should ‘do their business’ (around 1-2 weeks). Adult dogs often learn more quickly.

Hundetoilette antrainieren

Acceptance commands

Introduce a clear command for ‘toilet’ from the beginning. Give your dog lots of praise when he uses the litter tray. Try to discourage the dog or puppy from leaving the tray before completing its  ‘business’, or if you see it ‘doing its business’ away from the litter tray.

Hundestreu für Welpen

The best place for the training phase

Select a restricted location for the litter tray during the training phase where you can keep an eye on it during your normal activities and that you can get to quickly. For puppies a playpen and for adult dogs a restricted area, such as a room with a baby gate

Hundestreu Inkontinenz

If it doesn't work immediately

If your dog hasn't got used to the litter tray within a week or so, place it in the litter tray at regular intervals (puppies every 30 minutes, adult dogs every 3 hours) and wait until it has completed its ‘business’. Afterwards give plenty of praise. Use every opportunity to train it in the first two weeks and clean the litter tray regularly. 

Should you have problems with introducing your dog to Dog’s Best, an experienced dog breeder or trainer can help you.

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