Dog's Best - clumping eco dog litter

Hygiene-Streu für kleine Hunde und Welpen

Advantages that make an impression

  • The ideal addition to taking the dog out to ‘do its business’:
    You can still go – whenever you need to!
  • Dog-friendly comfort – round the clock!
  • Super absorbent, stops odours
  • 100% biodegradable, compostable
  • Very efficient and economical thanks to the formation of clumps
  • Soiled clumps can be disposed of in a normal household toilet! * 
  • Easy to handle
  • Fast acceptance and adaptation 

* Be sure to check your local disposal regulations

Buy Dog's Best

DOG’S BEST is available in

4,3 Kg / 10 L bags 

Natürliche Hundestreu aus Pflanzenfasern
Natürliche Hundestreu aus Pflanzenfasern

JRS, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne, one of the world's largest manufacturers of animal hygiene products has respondend to the needs of the market and, together with experienced breeders and dog owners, developed a special litter for dogs that meets the special requirements of small dogs and puppies.

The JRS research laboratory has developed a special fibre structure that ensures the best absorption and odour retaining characteristics, based on years of experience with successful cat and small animal litter products from natural plant fibers.

Super absorbent, stops odours

Dogs like the natural scent and can sniff and scrabble just like they always do. Quickly accepted and soon routine, no aggressive ingredients.

Dog’s Best is super absorbent, extremely odour-binding and a convincing indoor solution for small dogs and puppies. Thanks to the unique JRS-ORGANICFIBRE-TECHNOLOGY.

Dog’s Best functions like natural ODOUR and GERM TRAP: Moisture and ODOUR are absorbed quickly and long-term by the fibers’ ultrafine cabillary system. This stops ODOURS developing over a long period of time – all without chemical additives!

Why Dog's Best?

The ideal addition to taking  your dog out to 'do its business': Dog’s toilet with a special litter

Dog’s Best Eco Dog Litter specially developed for the natural needs of small dogs and puppies, is the practical alternative to taking your dog out to ‘do its business’ and always on hand when it needs to ‘go’ – also outside of its normal routine!

In our modern, urban lifestyle it’s unfortunately not always possible for dogs to ‘do their business’ in the open. In addition, working dog owners or frail people aren’t always able to walk their dog regulary or exactly the right moment.

For cats, the cat litter has long been used as a safe solution to the problem in home and appartments.

Einstreu für kleine Hunde und Welpen

Please note!

To avoid any misunderstanding, Dog’s Best is a helpful hygiene product for the home but is certainly not a replacement for daily exercise and walks! Daily walks are the basis of healthiness and ensure fun and fitness for dog and owner!

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