Dog’s Best Instructions for use



Fill the litter tray 5-6 cm deep with Dog’s Best and familiarise your dog with it by sitting it in the tray, or better still, let the dog discover the tray for itself.

Cleaning the litter tray

To clean the litter tray, simply remove the clumped particles with a special shovel. (Dispose of in accordance with local regulations in the normal household refuse or domestic toilet). A complete change of litter is only necessary when a lasting odour develops.




Tips for the right disposal of the dog litter in the toilet:

  • Be sure to check your local disposal regulations! 
  • Very important: only put single clumps into the household toilet!!! 
  • Do not dispose of more than one clump at a time, please. 
  • Only put single clumps into a household toilet. 
  • Allow the clump to dissolve before flushing until the material has been washed away completely.

Please note:

The normal domestic toilet isn't suited for disposing of used litter tray filling, it can be disposed of in bio-waste, or compost according to local regulations.

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